Resources To Help You


When building your new business you will need a few tools to help you. Here on this page, I have laid out a few of the resources for you that I use
or have used. First you will need a domain name. Some of these tools are linked with my affiliate links. 

Domain Name

Domain Name Email

Website Hosting

Landing page builder

Facebook Fan Page


Video equipment and Tools

Domain – When choosing a domain I have learned that depending on how you are going to market whether it be a store for physical products or

a blog to offer more personal recommendations you need to consider the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). If you are selling products it would

be good if you could get the product

name in the domain name, like Atlanta Roofing for instance. If your domain name is diamond house tops you might have a harder time getting

traffic to your website for actual roofing.


Here are a few of the hosting providers that I use. You can also get your domain name and domain name email through either one of these
hosting companies.




2. Godaddy



I personally would recommend that you start out with one provider for the domain name and domain name email and domain hosting for your

website.This just keeps things simple for you to keep up with.

Next, you’re going to need a landing page builder. I use and recommend Click Funnels.

Leadpages is another landing page builder that some people use.

Landing Page Builder – I use and recommend Click Funnels.

Facebook Fan page is a vital tool and necessary if you want to run FaceBook adds to your website. You will have to set up your fan page through your FaceBook account.

Social Media Marketing – You should register your new website on all of the social media websites like.







These are only just a few of the many social networks out there. Just to have these you will be quite busy.
Hootsuite – Is a tool that you can use to really help out with your social media marketing efforts. It will send posts to all of your social media
networks for you.
You will just have to set it up.

 Email Marketing Providers

1. ConvertKit

2. Constant Contact

3. Aweber


There are a lot of email marketing companies out there but I use and recommend ConvertKit which is the one I currently use.

 I use and recommend WordPress for my websites there are a ton of great themes you can use and easily modify your site with drag and drop

technology. The one I use is Elegant Themes


If you need to you can take advantage of my FREE WordPress installation service.

WordPress Plugins You will need to install some WordPress plugins to help you use your new WordPress website efficiently.


1. Akismet anti-spam- helps you protect your site from spammers.


2. All-in-one SEO pack– Helps you to set up your site with good SEO ( search engine optimization ).


3. Google Analytics- Helps your site to be ranked by Google.


4. Pretty Links- Helps you to shorten your affiliate links and cloak them for easy use.


5. YouTube- Helps you to easily embed YouTube videos on your site.


6. All Meta Tags– Helps you to put tracking code into the header of your site without knowing the code.


These are just a few of the plugins that I use there are so many that you can choose from in word press.

 You have to be careful sometimes a plugin can conflict with another plugin or could conflict with your theme.


If this happens you just simply delete the last plugin you uploaded to your site and see if this fixes the problem.

Sometimes if you can’t find the problem you might have to go to Fiver to find a WordPress coder who can fix the problem.

Here are a few of the places you can get help from, with things like writing E-Books or photoshop projects like banners or add banners.

You can even get tech help from coders and video scripts and editing as well as production.


1. Fiver This is one that I use the most. I have had to not accept the order a time or two but overall I have made contacts that I have used over
and over for years now.


2. Upwork – I have used them in the past but not very often.


3. Freelancer- I personally have not used this one but I know it’s there if I need it.


You will need a good video set up to record your videos on. It really doesn’t have to be expensive equipment here are the tools I use.


1. Video- I personally use my iPhone camera for my videos.


2. Tripod- You can get one really cheap from Amazon, that’s where I got mine. The one I got is made cheap but it works!


3. Wireless Microphone- You can get this from Amazon.


4. Teleprompter- I use an app on my I Pad for this there are several to choose from. You can also get one from Amazon.


5. Camtasia- I use this video editing software to edit my videos. It is available for Mac users as well.


These are most of the tools that I use on a regular basis. I will update these from time to time to make sure I give you the latest information for
your internet marketing needs.


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systems to help you with your marketing needs.