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Want to Make Money Online? Here are 4 Paths You Can Follow!

Want to work from home?

Want to be your own boss, with no one telling you what to do?

If so, online work can make that a reality.

By making money online, you own your income source.

And you don’t have to deal with workplace politics, useless routines, and co-workers you hate.


Online income is a broad world.

There’s so much you can do. There are so many paths for online income…

And that’s not where it stops. To benefit from those paths, you need to commit to them.

In essence, working online is like a mini-career.

Today, we’ll help you explore those paths. We’ll show you 4 ways to make money online.

Explore each, and commit to what suits you best!

#1 – Freelancing.

Probably the most common. And it’s what most online workers start with…

As a freelancer, you sell skills that can be done at a desk.

You can do anything from programming to translations, graphic design, and even marketing work!

You Own an Online Mini-Business.

Working as a freelancer is a chance to establish a solid online reputation.

The longer you work, the more reviews you rack up. And the sharper your skills get…

Over time, the growth is exponential. You become trusted, more in-demand by others, and you pretty much own your business!

How to Start.

You can look for a freelance market place. That’s usually your best option as a beginner…

Example website includes Guru, Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

After you get advanced (given a few years), you can start your own site. You can sell specialized services from there…

And you can charge a high hourly rate – similar to that of a specialist!

#2 – Affiliate Marketing.

Maybe laboring for other people’s needs isn’t what you want.

Maybe you want to make money writing and talking about what you love.

If that’s the case, try affiliate marketing.

How it Works.

Here, you’re a salesman.

You sell the products of other people (through email, and your own blog/channel). And for every successful sale, you get paid at a commission.

It can be anything from 1% to 50% (depending on the affiliate program)!

What Can I Market?


You can market TVs, shirts, books, cigarettes, you name them.

Just pick a field that you love and know about. After all, this field requires tons of time investment.

Even more so than freelancing…

#3 – Advertising Income.

Similar to affiliate income. But here, you don’t get paid per commission…

You get paid for clicks (or) mentions.

Different Types.

At a basic level, you have advertising platforms (like Google AdSense and Infolinks).

Both platforms let you put ads on your site. And for every click/impression you get, you receive money…

The rates differ for each ad. And they highly depend on keywords.

Now – at a more advanced level, you can try sponsorships.

Here, a company contacts you about a product they have. And they pay you a set amount, where you create content to discuss it.

That’ll usually be in the form of reviews and analysis.

Part of a Content Creator’s Income.

Content creation applies to both affiliate marketing and advertising income.

So you can apply both to your blog or channel! And this means a greater revenue stream for you!

But speaking of content creation, there’s a third type you can do. And that would be…

#3 – Authoring.

You can write and sell books online.

They can be fiction or non-fiction. They can science and research-based. Or, they can reflections of your imagination!

And there are many platforms that let you do that.

Such As?

How about Amazon?

Many part-time authors work there. And they publish regular books (every few months or so)…

Some have even racked up volumes in a specific genre, with new releases every few months!

#4 – Dropshipping.

You can start an online store, and sell other peoples’ products.

With drop shipping, you’re an online retailer. You’re a middleman that attracts customers to warehouse suppliers.

From there, you fulfill orders, and you earn a profit margin.

And the best part is, there’s no storage required on your behalf.

With a dropshipping model, everything goes from supplier to client!

But I Need an Online Store?

Don’t worry. An online store is nowhere as expensive as a “brick and mortar” variant.

You have platforms like Shopify as an example. It’s extremely common for use by dropshipping. And it’s beginner friendly!

Combine the Previous Paths.

You don’t have to absolutely specialize in one.

As you gain online experience, you can combine multiple paths.

You can be a blogger that does affiliate marketing with advertising income.

You can be a freelancer that sells supplies on the side through a dropshipping store.

The point is, your options are endless. And with enough effort and commitment, you can build an online empire!





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