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Russell Brunson Expert Secrets

When I read the book, it started off with testimony by Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. He explained the Cash Flow Quadrant, that’s Mr. Kiyosaki’s formula for gaining wealth.

In it, he explains that to gain wealth you need to understand the four quadrants and how you can move through them to build a life of wealth. They start off at quadrant one which is the employee, this is usually where everyone starts off.

Then you move to the next quadrant which is self-employed and the next is a business owner and then the last quadrant is an investor. Mr. Kiyosaki said and I quote “Russell Brunson has masterfully laid out the steps to becoming a thought leader and building a following of people who will pay you for your information”.

I have read all of Mr. Kiyosaki’s books over the last few years and I thought for him to give Russell Brunson a compliment like that was huge. I started following Mr. Kiyosaki over fifteen years ago. He is one of the world’s leaders on building wealth. I have to admit Mr. Brunson captured my interest right away. I went on to read that this book lays out the steps for you to get from employed to an investor in record time.

Going from employee to business owner

Some people might think that this book is just a marketing ploy or something like that. A promotion to get more people to Click Funnels. However, I can assure you that’s not the case at all. Russell Brunson starts out teaching you how he got involved with internet marketing and how he went through difficulties while trying to help support himself and his wife while he finished college.

And then Russell begins to expound on what he learned on his journey in internet marketing. He says it took him ten years to write this book. And the book is a product of what he learned during his many failures and successes. Russel goes through each step explaining as he goes how to build your business and use the internet to do it. Giving you his instructions like a master craftsman or a college professor.

Mass Movement

As Russel teaches you, he talks about how to nurture your customers so as to create a mass movement rather than just trying to sell a product or service. Turning your customers into raving fans! This book will teach you how to present to your customers and how to position your company or business so that you create customers who love you and your product or service.

Russell gives you actual strategy after strategy to apply to your company or business so that you can experience the same kind of success that he has experienced over the last five years. Russell Brunson has taken his company Click Funnels to over a hundred million dollars a year in just four years.

I for one am very impressed with this young man. His way of communication is so down to earth and easy to understand he makes a person feel like family. He even gives you the sales scripts that he uses to sell his products. One after another there is a wealth if marketing education that he shares with the reader.

If you were to go to college and major in marketing, I think you would still find that this book Expert Secret is a valuable resource for anyone interested in marketing anything.

False Beliefs

 Russell even covers how to address the false beliefs that may hold you or your customer back from going ahead and making the right decision to always go forward and invest in yourself and your business.

Building trust in your customers is how you turn them into true fans. And teaching them to not let fear stop them from having the life they dream about. Helping others overcome the greatest obstacle in life which is usually fear. Fear of failing, fear of ridicule or fear of looking bad.

People are held back in life because they are afraid to try. In all honesty, I truly believe Russell Brunson Is sincere in his books and training and he really wants to try and teach as many people as he can to be the best that they can and grow their business and prosper.

A true worrier in my opinion in the fight against poverty. If you implement these principles in your business there is no doubt you will succeed in taking your business no matter what business it is to the next level. Highly recommend Expert Secrets!


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