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 Marketing Master

Dan Kennedy wrote the forward in Russell Brunson’s book Dot Com Secrets, and for those of you who don’t know Dan Kennedy is a master of marketing especially internet marketing.

Mr. Dan Kennedy has written several books on marketing including Speak To Sell, Rock On, The Ultimate Sales Letter and the series of books on No BS Ruthless Management Of People And Projects, No BS Time Management For Entrepreneurs, No BS Wealth Attraction.

He is an established marketer and a mentor of mine whom I respect and admire. Mr. Dan Kennedy knows marketing and for him to endorse Mr. Russell Brunson’s book says a lot about the young entrepreneur. So I read the book and here is what I think.

Organifi and Drew Canole

Starting off Russell explains what the book is about and what it’s not about. Russell says it’s not about getting more traffic or more conversions but if you follow what Russell is teaching you-you will get both more traffic and more conversions.

Russell then talks about his experience with Drew Canole The owner of Organifi which is a supplement company that makes a very popular green drink as well as other healthy blends for you health conscious people. I drink Organify regularly and love that product. Anyway, Russel tells about when he and his team visited Drew and his team. And helped them with their funnel.

They were able to show Mr. Canole how to structure their funnels and make a lot more money. Mr. Canole made a testimony for Russel at one of their events and talked about the success of Russel’s team in helping them to grow their company Organifi.

Fascinated By Direct Response Marketing

As a child Russell talks about how he was fascinated by the mailers that used to come to his house and the marketing messages. He used to fill out form after form to get free information sent to his house. His Mom had to clean out his boxes of mail information from his room after he went off to college.

The author goes on to explain how he was in college when he got into selling plans for a potato gun to try and help his wife support them while he finished college. Talking about how he was making money and then Google changed their algorithm and upped their ad cost Russel lost his little money maker overnight.

He went on to tell how he was able to overcome these setbacks and go on to finish college. You can see how first he had moderate success and then failure, and then success again. Just like real life.

Wait a minute this is real life. As you read this book it’s easy to identify with the true life struggles that face every one of us. The thing is Russel was able to overcome these struggles and then to go on to create a thriving successful business.

In the heart of the book, Russell lays out the secrets that he learned while growing his business. He tells you about funnels and how to use them to promote your business product or service.

He shows you how to find your perfect customer and teaches you how to create the avatar of your perfect customer. And then he teaches you how to take your customer through the value ladder and make them into not only happy customers but raving fans. I can see that the message here is not only delivering for your customers but OVER deliver the VALUE that you bring to them.

Funnels Everywhere

 As I read this book, I begin to realize that funnels are everywhere. The Dentist, the Doctor, The Car Salesman, The Hair Dresser, and on and on. I really never thought about it but if it’s a product for sale or service for sale it could be and should be sold through a funnel.

Every business and organization should have a funnel in place.  To simply put it a funnel is a mechanism that will bring in new customers or clients and proceed to move them through your value ladder. If you don’t have a value ladder outlined for your business or organization you might need to think about building one.

The key is to give VALUE to your customers not once but over and over making their lives better and better.

Designing Your Funnel

In Dot Com Secrets Russell Brunson lays out the secrets that he learned in designing his funnels for bringing in new customers and moving them through his value ladder. And how to set up your funnel so that it not only brings them into the funnel but how to offset your ad cost so that your acquisition of a customer cost less or cost nothing. Wow, think about that for a minute. Customers Acquisition on autopilot! Who wouldn’t want that?

Attractive Character

 Learning the principles in Dot Com Secrets Russel teaches you how to develop your attractive character. How to define yourself and your company is very important and Russel uses the example of the attractive character to teach you to develop a leader that stands out and one that people love. He does that pointing out that each of us has an attractive character within us. We may not realize it but we do.

Russell teaches you what questions to ask your self so that you can understand how to find the attractive character within you. Throughout history, great leaders good or bad always had this certain ora about them that drew people to them. Moses, Jesus, Napoleon, Cesar, Hitler, Buddha, And so on and so on.

When creating a mass movement one must realize that how people perceive him or her determines whether or not they will follow him or her or not. You might not want to save the whole world or even take over a government but the principles taught to us by studying these great leaders in history can be easily applied to your business.

When you acquire these new customers IE, followers you need to nurture them with information that will move them up the value ladder. In order for you to create raving fans, it is imperative that you keep providing them with a value that will improve their lives.

Reverse Engineering

 Russell walks you through the process of reverse engineering a successful funnel. As well as how and what to pay attention to. He doesn’t teach you to copy but emulate or do like.

Learning each phase of building a funnel is critical and Russell lays it out step by step so that you can understand and easily apply these steps to your funnel.

Russel explains what he calls the twenty-three building blocks of a funnel. The teaching method of Mr. Russell Brunson is really good and easy to understand along with the Click Funnel’s community making it easier for you to learn and grow your business.

There are thousands of people eager to help you within the CF community. Russell has given you in this book the solid foundation for you to take your business to a level you probably never dreamed it could. I have to say that after reading this book I’m excited to read and follow anything Russell Brunson has to say. And Im looking forward to implementing these principles in my business as well. See You At The Top!


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