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Your Basic Guide to Affiliate Marketing (in 5 Steps).

Want to be an affiliate marketer?

We all do. It seems like an easy career, where all you do is make money from home…

You start a site, market other people’s products, and make money non-stop – right?

True – But…

It’s a tough line of work.

You see, affiliate marketing is not for the weak-hearted.

True success requires a good setup, work ethic, and many years of perfecting your business.

And if it weren’t that way – everyone would be doing it.

The Truth.

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, you need the right expectations.

Don’t let “get rich quick” stories or “sweet dreams” fool you. You need an idea of the path ahead, and what you’ll need.

This is something we’ll help you with. Below is a simple 5-Step Guide to affiliate marketing!

#1 – The Basics.

As an affiliate marketer, you market other people’s products.

For every successful sale, you get paid a commission.

In a sense, you’re a salesman for others. The only difference is, you sell those products through content that you create.

Such As?

Well, there’s blogging, making videos, email, forums, and many more channels…

In fact, the number of channels available are endless. And this leads us to the second step!

#2 – The Setup.

So what do you need to start?

You need the following…

  • Website.
  • Email list.
  • Affiliate network.

(A) Website.

You need an online presence. After all, you’re a salesman. And you need a place where people can find what you market…

That presence will usually be a blog. But it can also be a YouTube channel.

The point is, you need an online space just for you.

(B) Email List.

As a salesman, it’s your job to get recurring clients.

They’re your bread and butter. Those are the people you sell products to over and over again.

After all, they trust you. And a client that trusts you is a stable income source.

Now, how you reach those clients is through email. You let them subscribe to your website/channel, and you keep updating them from there!

(C) Affiliate Network.

You need to find products to sell.

You need a business that wants affiliate marketers.

You do so through a network that connects affiliate marketers (and) businesses.

That’s what an affiliate network is.

They’re middlemen. And they supply a website (more of a menu) with options on what you can market!

Examples of those include ClickBank, Shareasale, and Amazon (yes, they all have affiliate programs).

#3 – Laying the Foundation.

So now you know what you need. And it’s time to put that into action…

To start, you need to set up a website/channel. There, you’ll publish regular content that attracts new visitors and keeps old ones.

And that alone is a challenge of itself.


Because making a successful blog/channel takes time.

To give you some perspective, you’ll need a few months to get the design right.

You’ll change aesthetics, widget layout, where each box goes, menus, navigation systems, and much more!

And if it’s a channel, there are scripts to write, videos to edit, feedback, equipment…

You get the point.

The setup itself is exhausting.

Also – Traffic Takes Time.

If you publish 1-2 times a week, expect good organic traffic to come within 6-9 months.

That’s how long it takes Google’s search engines to see your site as useful to viewers.

So it’s a hustle with little short-term payoffs. And you might only make $10-$50 a month during that period!

#4 – Building the Email List.

So you’ve worked hard for a few months, and you’re getting traffic.

Excellent. Now, it’s time to convert that traffic into long-term clients. You need to get them to subscribe. And this usually happens through a free product…

You need to design newsletters, free reports, or a free e-book.

That again, takes time (and some skill).

However, given another year, you can build a list of thousands. From there, you can start your affiliate marketing!

#5 – The Actual Affiliate Marketing Stage.

By now, anywhere from 1-2 years should’ve passed.

That’s a long-time to build anything. But it’s the point where you look for a network, and start selling others’ products.

That Takes a Long-Time.

We mentioned earlier that it wasn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it…

You see, to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need grit. And you need to market in an industry that you care about and love.

Otherwise, you won’t have the resilience to continue.

And this leads us to our most important (and final) point…

Market What You Care About.

If you love tech, market that.If you’re a bookworm, read and write book reviews.

The point is, commitment requires you publish what interests you. Otherwise, you won’t stick around long enough to succeed!




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